About Us

Our company started to operate in the machining industry in 1994. Kocabey machine has also started to operate in machinery manufacturing field from 2013. The company founded in Adana with the aim of contributing to the achievement of contemporary level in its own sector by introducing new technology to our region and country and following the latest innovations in technology, Kocabey Makina has grown steadily with its professionalism, creativity, honesty, has gained a respectableplace in the manufacturing sector. The company continues to be one of the leading companies in its sector with its management and strong financial and administrative know-how, closely following developments in the sector and new requests in the market. Since it was founded, our company continued large engineering projects to implement in every region of Turkey; is a sign of manyquality, innovative projects in a pioneering and exemplary quality. The achievement of Kocabey Machinery's reputation in the sector by completing its commitments on time and expected quality levels has enabled the staff's experience and professionalism as well as the strategy and organizational success that the management staff has developed to be effective. Kocabey Machinery family adopts modern management techniques in all its contracting and investment projects, choosing proven quality and workmanship in the market and completing its projects on time as its basic policy.